Deborah Sunbeck Ph.D.

NYS Licensed Psychologist



About Dr. Sunbeck's Work


Dr. Sunbeck is a NY Licensed Psychologist who has practiced in upstate New York since 1983; and, has taught nationally and internationally since 1991. She started her career working with children and families in crisis; and, she was the first psychologist hired by the University of Rochester to assist with the start-up of the Mt Hope Family Center, over 35 years ago.


Dr. Sunbeck dedicates much of her time now to consulting and psychotherapy in Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facilities, and, teaching healthcare speciality topics to allied healthcare professionals. Dr. Sunbeck consults and teaches on healthcare topics that range across the lifespan, from school-aged youths' special needs issues, to elders' enhancement of quality of life, as they and their loved ones anticipate the last stage of life's journey.


Dr. Sunbeck continues to offer Allied Healthcare professionals CE in-service workshops on her INFINITY WALK METHOD, by their invitation only. OTs, and especially pediatric OTs, find the training a very useful addition to their work. Only state recognized educational and healthcare programs, associations, and clinics may sponsor an Infinity Walk CE workshop. Dr. Sunbeck will work with you directly to create a customized CE workshop that is just right for your professional group of healthcare providers.


After over 35 years of an active clinical practice, Dr. Sunbeck is no longer offering local private practice hours in the Rochester NY area.


SNFs and Rehabiltation Facilities: Dr. Sunbeck is able to accept most insurances including Medicare and Medicaid when providing psychological services to residents in Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facilities in the Rochester NY area. This service is possible through her affiliation with CHE Senior Psychological Services, headquartered in Brooklyn NY.



Web link for Dr. Sunbeck's Infinity Walk Website. Browse the work that Dr. Sunbeck does in allied healthcare and special education.